Some Pods.

Las Culturistas. September 2017. “The Beyonce Narrative.” Episode 47.

Guys We Fucked Podcast. What It’s Like Being 15. 2015.

Keith And the Girl.  February 2018. This was so fun. I talked about, among other things, my mom’s dating life and her experiences finding men online.

The Public Library. February 2018. Hosted by Helen Little.

Plz Don’t Tell My Mom. February 2018. Hosted by Haley Richardson and Megan Sweet.

Ghosted Stories. January 2018. Episode 63. Hosted by Chelsea White and Erin Leafe. We talk about being on Tinder!

Regretsville. December 2017. Hosted by Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles. We discuss how the SAT sucks, amongst other things.

Plz Advise. November 2017. Molls in NYC: Next Generation Kevin Bacon (Featuring Ruby Karp and Marcelle Karp). This episode is so special because Molly McAleer, one of the co-founders of Hello Giggles, is the person who found me and got me writing for Hello Giggles!

Guys We Fucked Podcast Bonus Episode. October 2017. Bonus Episode #30.

The JV Club with Janet Varney. September 2017.  Episode 259.

\Man Repeller.