Some Video.

Shutterbugs, Episode 1. 2004. With Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel.

Smart Girls At The Party. 2008. Amy Poehler and I discuss Feminism.

Are You Dumber Than A Fourth Grader. 2010. I ask Bobby Moynihan, Chris Gethard and Eugene Cordero really tough questions.

Hello Giggles Presents. 2011. The first ever Hello Giggles show at UCB Franklin

CNBC. 2013. In the wake of the Mashable article that went viral, I went on the news to talk about my views.

Tedx Redmond. 2013. What do you look like through a Feminist Lens?

Bookcon 2015. Panel with Akilah Hughes, Jamia Wilson, Sophia Rossi, Tavi Gevinson.

Inconvenient Truths with Risa. 2015. An appearance at about 3:12 in.

Pat & Jamie’s New York. 2016. I told a story on Pat Kiernan and Jamie Stelter of NY1 monthly show. At about 1:10:50.

B-Fest Panel with Barry Lyda, Danielle Vega, Lance Rubin,  Richelle Mead. 2017. I moderated.


Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Red Carpet. November 2017. I interviewed Maxine Waters! And so many other amazing and inspirational women.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls At The Party.  December 2017. 10 years later. Now I’m talking about my book, Earth Hates Me.