Some Words.


Motto. I Was 11 Years Old When My Teacher Told Me Not to Be a ‘Crazy Feminist.’ October 2017.

I’m 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook. This one went viral. 2013.

Everything I’ve written for Hello Giggles.  2010-2014.

VMA’s Geekiest Moments. Mindhut. 2014.



Buzzfeed. December 2017. Included in a top 6 list.

Justine Magazine. November 2017. 16 Things I’ve Learned at 16, written by ME.

LadyGunn. November 2017. Interviewed by Koko Ntuen, founder and editor!

Lisa Talks About… October 2017. A review! “If there is one important book that I will be recommending to the teens in my life (and since I work in a high school that is an awful lot of them) it will be Earth Hates Me – True Confessions from a Teenage Girl by Ruby Karp. It is a vital book that everyone going through their formative years should have access too.”

Bustle. October 2017. Interview.

Dame Magazine. October 2017. Interview. “We need to raise our kids to be less violent, to use their words. We need to start health education, and rape and consent lessons, earlier. And start teaching our kids, literally from a young age, that they are equal to everyone else, you are not superior, you are not below anyone, you are equal.”

Clover. October 2017. Interview.

LeanIn.Org. October 2017. Excerpt from Earth Hates Me.

Refinery29. October 2017. Me and Tina Fey, just talking about life.

Hello Giggles. October 2017.  Interview plus more. “The book offers solid, non-cheesy life advice for teens — something other books often fail to do when written by adults who haven’t been teenagers for a while.”

Girls Life. October 2017. You and social media. Original article. October 2017.  Interview. “You aren’t a “woman in comedy.” You’re a comedian. No matter what age, gender, race, sexual preference—all comedians are on level playing fields. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Time Motto. October 2017. An excerpt from Earth Hates Me.

LEANIN.ORG. October 2017.  An excerpt from Earth Hates Me. “A woman in charge is a woman in power, which adds to the power of all women.” October 2017. An excerpt from Earth Hates Me. “When you hear someone call someone a slut, say something. You have the power to help people understand why slut shaming is wrong. You have a voice that is more powerful than you could ever imagine. Use it.”

NY Post. October 2017. “Karp and a friend recruited 30 underclassmen for weekly comedy lessons, in which the teen shared what she’d learned at UCB. Soon, she realized she was happier and more satisfied leading her “little community of nerds” than she would have been starring in the musical.”

BROADLY. September 2017. An excerpt from Earth Hates Me. “You can’t just get over your FOMO—you have to deal with it.”


Kirkus Review. August 2017. “She displays a self-aware understanding both that some of her worries are problems of privilege but also that they are unfairly dismissed by some adults as teen angst.”

The Ugly Selfie by Jessica Bennett. NY Times. It’s not about me, but there’s a great shot of my classic ugly selfie in the article.

The Future of Feminism by Amelia Bauman. 2015.

UCB: Inside The Comedy Theater Churning Out All The Female Talent by  Vanessa Golembowski.  Refinery29. 2015.